Monday, May 31, 2010

See you soon, Little Buddy ...

On Saturday, May 29, 2010, Jacob Ketchum went to his eternal home.

Jacob was only 4 years old, and had battled Cardio-Pulminary Hypertension for several years. I say 'battled' ... but it never seemed like a battle for Jacob. He just lived with it. From the trips to the doctor to having to wear his 'backpack' ... Jacob just rolled with the punches.

My prayers are with his parents, AJ & Dana, and his 3 year old little brother, Sammy. I can only pray for God's comfort and peace to be with them.

While sleeping last night, I dreamed that I saw Jacob sitting on Jesus' lap - telling Him all about his toys and his brother and his mommy and daddy. So ... when I woke up this morning, I made this picture. (Please do not copy this picture or post it anywhere else without my permission ... Thank You.)

I wish I had something brilliant to say ... but all I can say is ... See you soon, Little Buddy!