Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pet Peeves ... 2011 Edition

A while back, I listed some Pet Peeves ... and I was recently reminded of some others, so I thought I would share them, as well.

1. It really bothers me when I'm having a conversation with 'Person A', and 'Person B' walks up and rudely butts-in and says, "I don't mean to interrupt, but ...". Seriously? That's exactly what you mean to do. If you didn't mean to interrupt, then you would patiently wait until the conversation with 'Person A' was through, BEFORE trying to start your own conversation.

2. It's not much better when someone prefaces a conversation with, "I may be out-of-bounds saying this, but ...". Ummmm. If you think you are 'out-of-bounds', then you probably are. As in any athletic game ... play STOPS when the action goes out-of-bounds -- so, if you think you are out-of-bounds ... maybe you should stop.

3. In a similar vein, It really rubs me wrong when someone either prefaces or follows up a statement with, "This is probably none of my business, but ...". Again - if you think it is probably none of your business ... chances are pretty high that you are correct in your assumption - and should cease and desist immediately.

4. If someone doesn't like something, and there is absolutely no way that they could dislike it to a greater degree, then they should say, "I couldn't care less ...". When people say, "I could care less about ...", then they are leaving some wiggle room.

5. I know that this one is acceptable English ... but it still bothers me. Why do people say, "Irregardless" ... when it means the exact same as "regardless"? Just wondering.

6. When driving through the square in Darlington, and you are coming around by the Drug Store ... if you are in the LEFT lane - you do NOT automatically have the right to make a RIGHT turn onto Cashua Street. I have been cut-off by more people who just come right on over in front of me to make the turn. Learn how to drive, people. Geesh!!

7. If someone doesn't like the way things are done ... then they should go to the person in charge and give them their opinion - and then offer a suggestion on how to change things. Just complaining, without offering solutions, is NOT very helpful.

8. When picking up your child from Darlington Middle School, it is NOT acceptable to drive past everyone else who has been in line for 30-45 minutes, go the wrong way to get to the front of the line, and then back into the first position. Even if you are in a Jaguar ... Just sayin'.

9. WHY do I have to spend a minimum of $5.00 to use my debit card at almost any convenience store in Darlington? That is NOT very convenient if I only want to by a $1.50 drink.

10. Why do the Bi-Lo Bonus Points for gas only count toward 20 gallons? My van has a 25 gallon tank ... shouldn't I be able to fill up with my $.30-off per gallon?

OK ... enough for now. Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Difference a Month Makes ...

OK ... so it may have seemed, from my last blog, that I was having a pretty major pity-party - and seemed as if I was spiraling helplessly out of control. Well - that's not completely true! Granted - I was in a tough spot. It just seemed like no matter what I did - I couldn't get a firm foot-hold, and it felt as though everything was closing-in. HOWEVER ... it's sometimes in those toughest of times that God just wants to see what we're made of, and if we have the 'right stuff' to keep doing what he's called us to do.

God has really shown Himself in some pretty awesome ways in the past month. He opened another house for us to rent - and it is way more than we could have imagined or asked for. He provided extra finances when they were needed - proving out what my Dad always told us growing up ... "God will use His people to take care of His man." Missie was able to get part-time employment, which should move into full-time in the next month or so ... and along with that, she'll get insurance for her - and Joshua should be able to attend Christian School next year. Then, on top of that - we were able to get away on the cruise (which was planned and paid for last February) - and really relax and breathe.

With most of the main stresses contained for now - I actually feel like I can focus and am really looking forward to diving into the ministry here with a new energy. I've spent the past 6 or 7 months trying to feel my way and find my niche ... but now I think it's time to step-it-up (instead of worrying about how it's been done before). I truly believe God has placed us here 'for such a time as this' - and I covet your prayers as we strive to do what He wants us to do, how He wants us to do it, and to give Him the praise, honor and glory for it all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel ...

I'm human. I get beat down just like anyone else. I sometimes feel like it's just not worth it ... and it would be easier to go get a 'real job' and walk away.

Not saying that's what I'm going to do ... but sometimes I feel that way.

Now - I know the whole, "God won't give us more than we can handle" thing ... and how Job had to face much harder things than I am facing ... but sometimes we all have just had, as my mother used to say, "enough".

In fact, I don't necessarily think that feeling and thinking that way is wrong. I seem to remember that even Christ took pause to tell God that He really didn't want to have to keep going toward the cross ... but that it wasn't His will that mattered - it was the Father's.

No ... I am not saying I am anything like Christ - except to say that I have to be about the Father's will, as well. As much as I would like to quit, sometimes - He won't let me do it, right now.

So ... for now, I will keep on keeping on. Just be praying for us - it's a tough row to hoe ... and sometimes it just seems too hard.

Monday, May 31, 2010

See you soon, Little Buddy ...

On Saturday, May 29, 2010, Jacob Ketchum went to his eternal home.

Jacob was only 4 years old, and had battled Cardio-Pulminary Hypertension for several years. I say 'battled' ... but it never seemed like a battle for Jacob. He just lived with it. From the trips to the doctor to having to wear his 'backpack' ... Jacob just rolled with the punches.

My prayers are with his parents, AJ & Dana, and his 3 year old little brother, Sammy. I can only pray for God's comfort and peace to be with them.

While sleeping last night, I dreamed that I saw Jacob sitting on Jesus' lap - telling Him all about his toys and his brother and his mommy and daddy. So ... when I woke up this morning, I made this picture. (Please do not copy this picture or post it anywhere else without my permission ... Thank You.)

I wish I had something brilliant to say ... but all I can say is ... See you soon, Little Buddy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

When Trust Is Broken ...

I am so glad that Jesus never lets us down ... And that we can trust Him with everything ... Because sometimes He's all we've got ...


The following is from a devotional I found - to buttress the comment above:

"Be still and know that I am GOD." Psalm 46:10

Trust is one of the hardest things for any person to do. We all have had our trust violated. For some of us; perhaps most of us, our trust has been violated by those whom we loved the most,our close friends, and possibly even members of our family...

From a human standpoint - It seems next to impossible to trust a GOD that we can't see when those we do see betray our trust in them. How can we trust GOD with our whole heart? Trusting the LORD means that we believe that He will always keep His promises to us even though others have not. Trusting Him means that He will always be there for us, even though others have not. And yes, He will always love us no matter what, even though others have not.

When we think about the examples of others, how can we possibly trust GOD? Won't He just betray our trust like others have? No, never. It is impossible for GOD to break His word to us. Our earthly parents, siblings, or friends may fail us. Our HEAVENLY FATHER will never fail us. All His promises are Yes and Amen. He is incapable of violating our trust because He is GOD, He cannot tell a lie, He is truth!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why is waiting so hard?

OK ... so here I am, waiting on an answer from God. I'm not pacing the floor, or anything like that, but it is really (and I mean REALLY) hard having to wait for Him to give me an answer. But ... WHY is it so hard?

Perhaps it's because we live in a 'fast-food' society. We get answers to our "Google" searches in 0.47 seconds (or less)... we get frustrated if our food isn't at the 2nd window when we get there at McDonald's ... DVR's have made it so we can watch an hour-long show in under 40 minutes ... and microwaved food can be ready in under 3 minutes for a 12-course meal!

I am not the most impatient of people ... but I still don't like having to wait. I get this anxious feeling in the middle of my chest ... I have a hard time concentrating on things that need to get done ... I can't sleep very well, and I'm a bit on-edge. Hmmm ... doesn't sound too healthy, does it?

Why do I allow myself to get this way? I guess part of it is the whole "I'm human" thing ... but it's more than that. Part of it is an "eager anticipation" for what the answer may be (IF the answer is the one that I want, that is!). It may be a dread of what the answer may be (if it ISN'T the one that I want).

God has it all in His hands ... I've got that. I know that. I don't have any problem with that. He even tells us that we need to wait on Him ... "Wait on the Lord: Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart: Wait, I say, on the Lord." (Psalm 27:14) So ... if I know that ... WHY do I have such a hard time waiting?!

I guess there is something I need to work on ... PATIENCE. Again - I'm not really an impatient person for the most part - but when it comes to waiting for an answer from the Lord ... I guess I am more on the impatient side of things. I know a couple of things about patience ... 1) it's a virtue 2) NEVER EVER EVER pray for it 3) God even addresses it - "For the things that were written before were written for our learning that we, through patience and comfort of the scriptures, might have hope." (Romans 15:4)

So ... let me make sure I've got this right. In the Old Testament, God told us to wait on Him - and in the New Testament, He tells us that He told us that in Psalms so that we can learn from it and have hope. Got it.

So, I will stop being impatient and trust in the Lord to answer my prayer in His timing. After all ... He hasn't made a mistake yet - so, I'm pretty sure He knows what's best for me!

Thanks for joining me on this little educational tangent ... I've learned something, and hope you have, too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a LONG year ...

OK ... so my last blog post was in May. Why haven't I blogged since then? Well, I could blame it on the rain, or blame it on Rio ... but the real reason is because I've had a lot of more pressing things going on. Sorry.

Well ... now it's almost Thanksgiving - and things really aren't slowing down. In fact, it almost seems as if they are starting to snowball. That is just par for the course in the life of a Worship Pastor heading full-steam-ahead into the Christmas season.

It has been a long year, though. The events of this year have had major impacts on my life. Some good - some not-as-good. Through it all I've learned a lot, though.

* I've learned not to take things just at face value.

* I've learned not to blindly trust someone just because they say they can be trusted.

* I've learned that there are a lot of emotions that can run the gambit when bad things happen.

* I've learned that God is still in control - and that nothing ever takes Him by surprise.

* I've learned that forgiveness is easier to tell other people they need to do than to have to do it for ones self.

* I've learned that my kids are a lot stronger than I ever gave them credit for.

* I've learned that my wife is even stronger than that.

* I've learned that losing a pet is even hard on a grown-up.

* I've learned that not everybody shares my disdain and dislike for "Twilight".

* I've learned that saying that "I support the office of President no matter who holds the office" is getting harder to agree with every day.

*I've learned that no matter what plans I make - God always has different plans (and His are ALWAYS better!)

These aren't all the things I've learned ... but it's a start.

Now ... the week-long countdown to Thanksgiving is on! BRING ON THE BIRD!!!