Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Resolutions ... that I know I can keep!

Here it is, Friday, January 2nd ... and we are full-force into the new year of 2009!

Along with the new year comes the tradition of making those dreaded New Year Resolutions. You know - the promises that we make to ourselves with false pretenses of sincerity, knowing full-well that by the 3rd week of January, they will be like the period on the Dr Pepper Can ... gone forever, but not missed at all.

In an effort to make my resolutions a little different this year - I decided to make a list of things that I'm pretty certain I will be able to keep. Some of them may seem sillier than others - but it's my list!! So, without any further ado ... here are my top-ten resolutions (in random order):

1. I resolve to put the remote control in the remote holder after use, so that it is readily available for the next time we need it.

2. I resolve to finish my powerpoint work for the church on Friday, so that I'm not up until the wee-hours of Sunday morning finishing the slides for the morning services.

3. I resolve to spend more time playing with my kiddos. They are getting older, and I don't want to miss-out on the times that we can spend together.

4. I resolve to make my wife happy. Not that I don't try already - but this is an area where I know I can always improve.

5. I resolve to take more pictures of our family. Even though I have a photography business - basically the only shots we take of the family are staged shots. I want to take more pictures of my family than I do of other people.

6. I resolve to get down to my goal weight of 200 - and stay there. This isn't an out-of-reach goal, and it will just take me being serious about it. 20 lbs isn't too much to ask for!!

7. I resolve to make sure that my day-off from work is actually a day-off from work. Sounds easier enough ... but it's something I need to do.

8. I resolve to beat Jonathan in NCAA College Football on the XBox 360. Even if only once!!

9. I resolve to take a family vacation this year ... and to not call-in to the office one time while we're gone. Another one of those things that sounds easy ...

10. I resolve to eat-out for lunch only one time per week (which should help with #6) - and to put that money I save aside for our family vacation.

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