Friday, January 16, 2009

Some pet peeves ...

... and I'm not talkin' about the 4 legged kind.

Maybe I'm just getting more cynical in my old age, or maybe I'm just turning into a crotchety old man ... but there are some things that just really irritate me - and I thought I'd air them here.

1. I went to Walmart (have you noticed they took the dash out of their name) last night to get some necessities. I got there around 10:30, or so, and there were several things that irritated me.

First off, I understand that they have to restock the shelves ... but do they have to stack the pallets in such a way that it is almost impossible to move down the isles? I went to where the meats are, and had to literally walk from the front of the store to the back of the store to get to the other side of the 'islands' of food. They had pallets lined up between the islands, and there was no egress.

Secondly, I noticed some families out shopping. One family, in particular, caught my attention. It was a father, mother and two young children - probably 4 and 2 years old. The father was getting really agitated at the youngest of the two because he was whinning and fussing. UMMMM ... it's 11:00 at night - these kids should be in bed!! Do you really have to bring them to Walmart in the middle of the night - and then get mad at them because they're fussy? I mean, come on! Either you or your wife stay home with the kids and the other one goes to the store ... how hard would that be?

Lastly ... 2 lanes open with 15 people in each? Really? Seriously?

2. I hate it when people won't fess-up when they've made a mistake. It happens on all fronts, and it is really irritating. Really ... if you mess up - then fess up.

Children are the worst at this pet peeve. I can't begin to tell you the number of times when I've confronted my children about something - and they have bold-faced lied about it. Case in point - one of my children was supposed to be taking some antibiotics. I went into the bathroom, and notice that the pills were in the trash can. I took them out and went to my child. I asked them if they had been taking their medication. They looked at me - and without blinking - said that they were. When I showed them the pills - they STILL stood their ground. Unbelievable.

When confronted with a mistake, I guess it's just human-nature to try to lie and protect ourselves --- but that's where maturity comes into play. Admit the mistake, take the slap on the wrist and go on. I guarantee that the honesty will be met with a better response than will be given when the deception is found out!

3. Customer Service Representatives. This group is a major pet peeve to me. For some reason, they feel that they are doing me a favor by allowing me the privilege of letting me breathe the same air as them, and that I am somehow less of a person than they are - because their time is apparently much more valuable than mine.

CSR's who don't speak clear English (primarily those in India) are the biggest peeves in this area. I have finally gotten to the point where, as soon as I hear an Indian representative on the line, I tell them that I want to speak to someone who speaks fluent English --- and preferrably someone in the contiguous 48 states. After hours of dealing with HP's Indian Reps ... I can't take it anymore.

4. Do you want to know what really burns my butt? It's a flame about a foot high.

Have a great day ... and here's a tip to help make someone's day:
When at a restaurant, be sure to get your server's name - and call them by their name everytime they come to the table. It makes you more personable to them - and will make their service more friendly to you. Try it ... and then tip at least 15% ... if not 20%!!

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  1. I agree with 1, but maybe I should manage my time more and not be there when they are restocking, of course most of the time I am there during normal daytime hours and they still block the way.

    2. Hate is a strong word, I think we use it to easily.

    Do we make it easy to be truthful wehn confronting a wrong deed?

    3. Sometimes customers tend to shoot the representative when they should be shooting the business, rudeness on either end is not acceptable. Hard not to be sometimes though. Guess that is part of growing up.

    4. I agree about using the servers name, of course I have a problem with remembering names, even my own sometimes.

    Have a good day and don't get burned in coming travel.